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RSIR is Featured in the February Issue of 425 Business Magazine

Fast Growing Global Real Estate Firm Outlines Growth Predictions and the Influence of Chinese Homebuyers in the Puget Sound Region

On February 1st, 425 Business Magazine (“425″) highlighted Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty(“RSIR”) in a print article and homepage feature entitled “Eastside Real Estate is Growing Up.” In the piece,Adam Worcester digs into the inevitable growth of the Puget Sound area, which RSIR’s President and CEO Dean Jones says is moving vertically.

In an article revolving around growth, Dean Jones says he believes density paired with the region’s mountains and water will result in more skyscrapers and a changing landscape with “pockets of density on the Eastside developing around rail stops: mixed-use high rises with residences, restaurants, and retail stores.” The cause? As the article describes, “Jones thinks the driving force behind new growth in our area will be a continued stream of Chinese real estate investment, both residential and commercial.”

In a comparative analysis, 425 outlined the market in Vancouver B.C with the help of Dean Jones’s father Trevor, who was a real estate agent when Chinese investment and immigration first came to that region. As he told 425, “Our real estate is what it is because of the Chinese. Nothing else.” And while the Puget Sound is similar to many other “gateway cities,” there are a few key differences: the availability of waterfront properties, top-rated schools, and relative affordability. Citing data provided by RSIR, 425 says that the affordability ratio in West Coast cities peaks in Vancouver at 10.36 and is at its lowest in Seattle at 7.83. That, along with EB-5 investment opportunities, is contributing to an influx of Chinese homebuyers.

RSIR has been a leader in connecting Chinese homebuyers to the Puget Sound for years. Most recently, the firm worked alongside Tiger Oak Publications to produce Seattle Luxury Living, a 92-page all-Mandarin magazine and built a custom WeChat App platform with adSage. Jones is also a community leader, serving on the Washington State China Relations Council and working closely alongside the firm’s affiliate in Beijing. Their efforts recently shone through in the Chinese-American Real Estate Report and in Palace Magazine’s addition of Seattle to its list of Top Markets Sought by Asian Homebuyers. The firm also produced a feature documentary entitled East Meets West, which outlines China’s influence on the real estate market in the Seattle area:

“The world economy has become a global transfer of wealth, Jones said, and Seattle is becoming a hub for wealth distribution. [President] Xi’s visit was a tipping point for Chinese investment. ‘It’s no longer a question of if it’s going to happen; it’s when,’ said Jones. ‘Wealth is moving here long term.'”

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Palace Magazine Adds Seattle To List Of Top Markets Sought By Asian Buyers

As yet another acknowledgement that Seattle has joined the league of global cities attracting Asian investment, immigration and homeownership, Palace Magazine recently published a special report on American cities that included the Emerald City with significant contributions by Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty (“RSIR”). The article also covered trends in typical markets including Boston, Las Vegas, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

“We are proud to represent our region within this elite publication and be included amongst our peer markets,” said Dean Jones, President and CEO of RSIR. “There is now little doubt that Seattle is on the map overseas and I believe this wave of foreign direct investment is just getting started.”

The article discusses how seven years after the recession the US housing market has rebounded and many cities (Seattle included) are setting new benchmarks for value. The investment prospect as well as the logic of diversifying a portfolio have created a gold rush of activity amongst Asian homebuyers. The article also outlines the popular EB-5 Investment Visa program created by the US Congress in 1990 to stimulate the US economy through job creation and capital investment by accredited foreign investors. According to the report, nearly 10,700 EB-5 visas were issued, with 85-percent of them going to wealth Chinese investors.

In addition to profiling the Seattle market, several RSIR listings were featured including a luxury condominium at Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue in downtown Seattle offered at $3,200,000 and Prima Vista, a waterfront estate located on the Juanita “Riviera” on Lake Washington offered at $6,288,000.

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This latest coverage by Palace Magazine follows a flurry of recent attention, as RSIR has continually played a leading role in bridging homebuyers on both sides of the Pacific. Just last week, RSIR launched the all-Mandarin Seattle Luxury Living Magazine with Tiger Oak Publications and a WeChat App Platform to reach a Chinese audience of over 600 million.