Smart home technology has been becoming more and more popular recently, however, many of us still see these tools to be inaccessible. When we think about home tech we may think about security systems or perhaps a automated thermostat. In this blog post I want introduce a few products that are easy to install and add some ease to your home!

1. Smart Home Hubs

The first technology on this list may be obvious to most of us, it’s a tool that can help with anything from turning on lights to playing the perfect song while you cook. Smart home hubs such as Amazon Echo or Google Home will connect your smart home, allowing you to control your surroundings with just your voice. Being relatively inexpensive and easy to set up, these products are a perfect first step to automating your home!  

2. Smart Lights

Turning your lights on and off with just a few words isn’t science fiction any more, smart light bulbs such as Philips Hue or LG C-Life will connect to your smart home hub using your home’s wifi giving you full control. Whether you’re turning them off with your cell phone or your voice, this easy addition makes your life just that much easier.

3. Smart Outlets

You may not want to buy smart lights to replace every single bulb in your house, so what do you do if you want to automate the beautiful lamp in your living room? Just like smart lights, smart outlets are easy to install and connect to your phone or home’s hub. As simple as plugging the extension into your existing wall outlet, these little devices allow you to control whatever you’ve decided to plug into them!

As you can see, smart home technologies are not as inaccessible as many of us think. These gadgets are easy to install and simple to use, making your already complicated life just a little bit more effortless.