You might be surprised to find out that the Pacific Northwest has its own unique style of architecture: Northwest Regional. With its unique climate and landscape, it makes sense!

NW Regional style architecture, also commonly called Northwest Modern architecture, is characterized by a mix of concrete, glass, and unpainted wood to make what looks like an extremely modern, flat-roofed luxury treehouse. These homes have wood siding that carries on from where slabs of concrete foundation end, with wooden beam structures, overhanging eaves, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Other features of the style include the integration of the home’s structure with its setting through an asymmetrical floor plan. Large windows allow for ample light, which is necessary for living in an area that doesn’t get much sun for a good portion of the year.


The style of these simple yet stunning homes is a very popular choice for people who live on islands in the PNW, as these homes are perfect for locations closely connected with waterways and forests. Large windows give the advantage of amazing ocean views and let in more light for forest homes, providing a relationship with the outdoors. Although modern in nature, the wooden beam structure gives a west coast feel that easily blends into the natural scenery.

Some people have gotten creative with NW Regional architecture and have custom-built their homes to appear to rise up out of the trees and rocks. Others have added an eco-friendly grass roof or built an attached infinity pool.


Here are more examples of this interesting and beautiful style of architecture that calls the Pacific Northwest home.