A new season is here and it is the perfect time to make sure your home is equipped for the weather ahead. Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, your home is a cherished place and ensuring proper care is in place is important. Take a look for some tips and tricks that will prepare you for the season ahead.

Clean Your Gutters

Leaves have begun to fall and they often are the culprit of clogging gutters. Did you know clogged gutters can cause pooling, which can damage your siding or roof? While you’re brushing out debris be sure to keep an eye out for anything grainy or sandy in texture, as it could be a sign that your roof needs some TLC.

Fertilize Your Lawn

While spending time (and money) on your lawn while approaching the cooler months of the year may seem foolish, it can bring great reward when spring hits. Even though grass will stop growing, the roots stay active through all months of the year and now is a wonderful time to offer nourishment.

Turn Off Faucets & Store Hoses

While Jack Frost hasn’t yet shown his face, if you prepare your faucets you’ll be ready for him to strike at anytime! Get those spigots covered and store your hoses, sprinklers and nozzles stored away safely so they’ll be in great shape for the year ahead.

Prepare for Winter

Who says you need to wait for the freezing weather to make sure you’re equipped for winter? You may thank yourself later if you prepare with ice melt, an ice scraper, emergency kits, and maybe even a snow shovel.

While there are countless home maintenance projects that you can attend to, it is important to remember that these lists serve as a guidance. Prioritize the items applicable to you, and if you’re feeling short on time, feel free to consult an expert to ensure the job is done right.