From Bremerton to downtown Seattle in under 30 minutes, Kitsap County’s newest passenger-only ferry is the most reliable and fastest source of transportation for commuters through the Sound. This new speedy ferry has proven to provide a quicker passage than commuters in downtown Seattle experience. The ferry is now faster than a “bus ride from north Ballard to downtown Seattle”.

The launch of the 118-passenger ferry not only helps daily commuters, but “opens up new options for residents, business and local governments” and brings the potential for a growth in the region. Local businesses in the Kitsap County might see an increase in business as the ferry has the potential to create an economic boost.

With the ever-rising costs of homes in downtown Seattle, the new ferry has become a major selling point for the area. It gives buyers another reason to purchase a home in Kitsap county where they can now easily and quickly commute to Seattle for work or play. Running through the weekend, a quick trip to the city is a breeze as sailings are offered through Saturday and Sunday.

With the success of the first passenger-only ferry, commuters can expect to see additional ferries increasing the accessibility and ease of traveling between the Puget Sound and surrounding communities. Kitsap Transit has announced a plan which “calls for six ferries to run between Kitsap County and downtown Seattle over the next several years”.

According to The Seattle Times the new ferry is “an opportunity for residents, businesses and local governments to take a more expansive view of their place and the myriad opportunities it presents”.